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    August 2021 Inventory

    August 2021 Inventory

    We still have some great boats in stock!!!

    Wilderness Systems

     ATAK 120 Steel Grey https://classicoutdoors.ca/products/wilderness-systems-atak-120?variant=6827496407076
    Pamlico 145T Red https://classicoutdoors.ca/products/wilderness-pamlico-145t-kayak?_pos=2&_sid=3ee395a93&_ss=r


    Old Town Canoe and Kayak

    Heron 9 XT Sunrise $799.99 CDN https://oldtowncanoe.johnsonoutdoors.com/kayaks/recreation/heron-9xt
    Castine 135 w/ Rudder Sunrise $1999.99 CDN https://oldtowncanoe.johnsonoutdoors.com/kayaks/touring/castine-135
    Castine 140 w/ Rudder Sunrise $1999.99 CDN https://oldtowncanoe.johnsonoutdoors.com/kayaks/touring/castine-140
    Sportsman 106 Powered by Minn Kota Ember $3499.99 CDN https://classicoutdoors.ca/products/old-town-sportsman10-6-auto-pilot?_pos=2&_sid=2df8ae089&_ss=r



    Sandpiper Blue/Silver $1800 CDN https://classicoutdoors.ca/products/eddyline-rio?_pos=5&_sid=cd9ead2e1&_ss=r
    Sandpiper Blue/White $1800 CDN https://classicoutdoors.ca/products/eddyline-rio?_pos=5&_sid=cd9ead2e1&_ss=r
    Skylark Red/White $1859 CDN https://classicoutdoors.ca/products/eddyline-skylark?_pos=2&_sid=cd9ead2e1&_ss=r
    Caribbean 12 



    Caribbean 12 FS Seagrass/White $2199 CDN https://eddyline.com/products/caribbean-12fs-sit-on-top-kayak
    Caribbean 12 FS Seagrass/Silver $2199 CDN https://eddyline.com/products/caribbean-12fs-sit-on-top-kayak


    Nova Craft Canoe

    Prospector 17 Fibreglass Green $2104

    Tuff Stuff with skid plates

    White $3514
    Tuff Stuff with skid plates Yellow $3514
    Tuff Stuff Expedition Green $3704
    Tuff Stuff Expedition with skid plates Yellow $3864
    Pal Tuff Stuff, ash trim, skid plates, center seat Red/White $4364

     Aqua Glide Kayak

    Chelan 140 Tandem/Solo $1399.99 CAD
    Chelan 140 Tandem/Solo $1399.99 CAD
    Blackfoot 130  Angler Solo $1599.99 CAD
    Chelan 155 Tandem/Solo $1549.99 CAD
    Chelan 155
    $1549.99 CAD
    Chelan 155
    $1549.99 CAD


     *Please note that our online store inventory is not always up to date, call us at 306-667-7770 for the most up to date inventory and if you have any questions

    *Last updated 8/09/2021