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    There's no better way to enjoy your family than going to the lake where you can drop the worries of life and get make some special memories in the quiet and peace. Often folks ask, what makes one boat different from the other? Our answer has been simple for the last 15 years - Lets go to the water and you tell me! Ask us about our custom Demo's for you and your family. Classic Outdoors can take an assortment of boats to the water to let you know how the boats feel ON water.

    Appointments are necessary for custom demos. Available to folks that have visited the store. We look forward to meeting you!!!





    Things to think about

    - How do I want my kayak, canoe, SUP to fit? 

    - Where will I be using it most?

    - How can I store it?

    - Who will be using it? 

    - Are there other people you will be paddling with? (Don't want to be to fast or to slow!)

    - Are we going to be transporting the Canoe, Kayak, SUP often? 

    Rain or shine, Classic Outdoors, your Saskatoon Saskatchewan Local shop is here to help with any questions you might have. 

     All Demos are a first come first serve basis. If you haven't been helped, please just ask one of our representatives for assistance, and well do our best to give you a great experience! Thank you.