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    Snowshoe Destinations

    Saskatoon and the surrounding area offers many great opportunities to get out and make tracks in the snow.  Winter enthusiast can spend an afternoon making tracks in one of the many urban snowshoeing locations.  The winter wanderer can hone their skills in one of any number of side country locations and for the serious winter adventurer back country locations abound.

    Urban Snowshoeing

    Any of the many parks within Saskatoon can be a great place to take the family snowshoeing but the following locations are particularly nice.

    Diefenbaker Park - Offers a complete snowshoeing experience for the urban snowshoe adventurer.  You can take a leisurely walk through the park or take a heart pumping challenge on the trails down to the river below.

    Holiday Park Golf Course - Offers a great opportunity for the whole family to get out and enjoy the snow.  The east end of the park has many hills and trees to wander through, in contrast the west end of the park is very flat and great for runners to use their snowshoes for cross training.  Note: be sure to stay off the groomed ski trails!

    Wildwood Golf course - Provides wide open spaces for that person that wants a lot of space to roam.  Note: be sure to stay off the groomed ski trails!

    Side Country Snowshoeing

    Pike Lake Provincial Park - Is just a short drive from Saskatoon and is a great place to view bird along the nature trail.

    Eagle Creek Regional Park - Offers a scenic walk along the creek valley or a fantastic view from the valley rim.  Caution: the creek ice can be thin and dangerous and the steep slopes can be slippery.

    Beaver Creek Conservation Area - During winters when the creek freezes solid the Meewasin Valley Authority staff clear a skating rink on the creek ice, at these times creek is a nice location for a leisurely stroll in the snow.

    Prince Albert National Park – Has many trails that off good wildlife viewing as well as the feeling of solitude.

    Back Country Snowshoeing

    Eb’s ski trails – Eb’s ski trials are set in the Nesbit forest and are a great place to wander around in the woods.  This is a great place for a mini wilderness adventure, just a short walk off of the trials will give you the feeling of wilderness and solitude but if you happen to get turned around and lost your way, there are many ski trails that weave through the forest that can be followed back to the two parking lots.  Note: be sure to stay off the groomed ski trails!  For more trail information follow this link.

    Caution: Never walk on or snowshoe on the South Saskatchewan River ice.  The ice thickness can be very unpredictable and a fall through the ice can be fatal.